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The CMA will be part of the city-wide GARAGE SALE on May 7, 8:30am. until 4pm. We are currently accepting donations (good quality clothing, outdoor plants, household items etc.) or just your best cookies or pies!  All proceeds will go to the Nick Lang Memorial Bursary available at UFV for Indigenous students pursuing a career in social work with high-risk youth.  

Please call 604-819-4298 for drop off times of the items that you would like to donate.

We could certainly use a few volunteers as well!

Metis Anthem -
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Our Mission Statement

 “Our commitment is to organize; to define and implement an engagement process; to teach and learn our culture; to foster better relationships in our community; and to inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders.”  

"We must cherish our inheritance.
We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future.
The story should be written down to pass on."
                                ~Louis Riel

My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.


            ~Louis Riel, July 4, 1885