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Métis Genealogy

This website is devoted to ancestors and descendants of early exploreres and settlers who first inhabited the region of the Red River of the North. These were the ancestors whose family trees had their roots there. The first seeds for these trees were primarily Indian people (mostly Cree and Ojibwe) but they became mixed with European races from all over the world, beginning with French and English speaking explorers and fur traders. They produced hybrid trees of all kinds, the branches of which held a few 'bad apples' and lots of 'nuts' but for the most part produced a harvest of countless hardy and remarkable men and women of the finest qualities.

Research at Library and Archives Canada


The term "Métis" is used broadly to describe people with mixed First Nation and European ancestry who identify themselves as Métis, distinct from Indian, Inuit or non-Aboriginal people. (Many Canadians have mixed Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry, but not all identify themselves as Métis).

The term "half-breed" was used almost exclusively by the federal government throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when referring to Métis people.

Therefore, when doing research in Canadian government records databases and when consulting original documents from this period you will obtain better results if you use the term "half-breed".

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