President & Director of Children and Families

Peter Lang



Ed Dandenault

(604)703-9701, opiedandy@gmail.com

I have been a member of the Chilliwack Métis association since 2014 and president from October, 2015-October 2017. 


My great, great grandfather was Isadore Dumont Jr. He was Gabriel Dumonts oldest brother. During the battle of Duck Lake, Isadore and a Cree headman were killed by a NWMP interpreter. These were the opening shots of the 1885 resistance.


Together we will build a vibrant, self sustaining, family oriented Métis community and cultural center using Métis culture, education, social enterprise and strong family values as the building blocks.


United we can do this!



Bryanna Pelletier


Treasurer/Director of Community Relations/ Director of Membership

Alena Goodman-Bear

(604)378-0555, alena.goodmanbear@gmail.com

Taanishi. I have served as Treasurer from 2013-2019 and now am honored to serve a fourth term as Director of Community Relations and Director of Membership. I have been an active member in the CMA since 2012 and feel very blessed to have met fellow Métis members who I now consider my family.​

The Métis culture that has been all but lost and withstood such strife such adversity; we all have a story or are searching. I have a deep passion to help our Community grow and succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, feedback or concerns.

Michif Kishchitayimoohk (Metis Proud)


Womens Representative 

Sharon Quenneville


I am the Woman's Representative for the Chilliwack Metis Association.

I have been married for 27 years, to a retired Air force member. 

I was born and raised in Northern AB and we moved here to Chilliwack, 13 years ago when Rick retired. 

I'm a mother of two grown children. My daughter lives here in Chilliwack with her daughter. My son and his wife live in Strathmore, AB with their 7 year old son and 1 year old daughter. 

I do after school care with special needs kids that are in foster care. I have been doing this for the past 8 years. 

My hobbies are doing crafts, cooking and baking for my family and friends. 


Director at Large

Larry Goodman


I have worked in the forest industry all my life and have been retired, since 2012. I enjoy sports, hiking, travelling and fishing. I have been an active member of the CMA since 2012 and have been on the board since 2013. My roles on the CMA board include Vice-President and Member at Large. Some of our family ties include Bird, Monkman, Bear, Prince, and McLennan.


Youth Director

Fergus Dalton


I joined the Chilliwack Métis Association in 2017, but I hope in my role as Director of Youth to bring our youth out of hiding and into our community to contribute to, learn, and live our culture. While I have only been with the CMA a short while, I have learned much about Métis culture in every aspect I can, notably through my experience in jigging, and continue to do everything I can to learn more. I believe that by engaging our youth in cultural activities, sport, and leadership we can pave the way for the leaders of tomorrow.