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Welcome to the CMA Youth Page!

MNBC Métis Youth BC Website is LIVE!                                                                                                                                            Check it out and please make sure you share it with your youth!


We suggest you sign up with the MNBC database where you’ll receive information (sent directly to your email) regarding scholarships, employment, contests, etc:

We also suggest you like the MNBC Youth facebook page, where you’ll find updates on scholarships, cultural events, etc. in your newsfeed. If you’re already signed up with Facebook, this is probably the easiest way to stay connected!


Bursaries & Scholarships

Many – if not all – scholarships available to Aboriginal youth are also available to the Metis. When researching scholarships and bursaries, it is best to read the requirements and make sure the award you are applying for includes your university and area – some scholarships are only available to Aboriginal youth at specific universities or specific provinces. So, before applying, make sure to read the fine print!

Getting started:

  • Get volunteering! Most scholarships will require some form of community involvement.

  • Request letters of reference from all those you work or volunteer for. These will not only be useful in applying for scholarships, but in the future when you are applying for work.

  • Try to maintain good grades! Most scholarships require a certain grade point average.

  • Research, research, research! The links below are not the only scholarships out there. Depending on what you are studying (field of study), awards will vary.

  • Visit the financial aid department at your university/college/training centre.


Bursaries & Scholarships



Bursaries Available for Metis Students in the Health Field

This year the focus is on Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorates in health related fields for the following amounts:

Ø  2 Undergrad awards at $5,000...

Ø  2 Masters awards at $7,500

Ø  2 Doctorate awards at $12,500


Applicants will need to provide:

1) an introductory letter, introducing themselves and their request for financial support.

2) Proof of Field of Study and copy of their registration for current school year.

3) Proof of Metis identity (copy of MNBC Citizenship Card, Community Card or letter from Metis Chartered Community Board)

APPLICANTS must apply by 4:30pm – Friday, May 6th, 2016

Send completed application to the attention of: Tanya Davoren, MNBC Director of Health C/o Gail Parenteau - MNBC Health Program Assistant

Funding graciously provided by: Provincial Health Services Authority – Aboriginal Health




Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development:




Metis Nation BC Employment & Training:


BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres:


Aboriginal Multi-Media Society Scholarship Guide:


Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation:


Aboriginal Learning Links:


Scholarships Canada:

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